5 Things your dog is telling you

Manna Kadar

Sit, stay, good boy! Sure, you both know the commands, but do you ever wonder what your furry family member wish they could say to you?

When your bundle of joy greets you at the door, bounding towards you full speed ahead, he could not be happier to see you. Dogs need us as much as we need them. His excitement and overwhelming urge to lick you from head to toe is a sign of excitement that never gets old.

A full body tail wag is another sign of excitement, this is how so many pups get the nick name “Wiggle Butt”. The counter to this move is the stiff tail, no body movement. This stance means Mr. Wiggles is feeling uncomfortable, threatened, and not in his happy place. This may happen when your dog is approached by another animal or stranger.

Big yawn…. Oh the baby must be tired. Not exactly. Dogs yawn when they need to release internal tension. Soothe Mr. Wiggles with a chin scratch or head pet.

Dogs and humans have many body language similarities. Remember the scary movie that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Anytime your pet is scared, threatened, or unsure of a situation, the hair on his back will stand up. Make sure you assure him everything will be ok, and remove whatever is making him tense as soon as possible.

Sure, the couch looks like a dog bed fit for a king, but when your pup jumps up on your favorite sofa, he may be trying to show you his dominance. Tom Cruise may have jumped on Oprah’s couch to show his love for Katie Holmes, Mr. Wiggles is trying to establish his position of authority.

Now that you are on your way to becoming the next dog whisperer, grab that furry cutie and give him a hug, he’s been waiting for one all day!

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